What is the definition of “Spiritual Health”?

Question by celtcc: What is the definition of “Spiritual Health”?

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Answer by fathermartin121
Spiritual health includes being at peace with the world others and yourself. You can see the world for what it is and you are neither disintersted or worried. It is, I am, and I will do what I can, when I can. Its an acceptence of life as a free undeserved gift filled with opportunities to fulfil your potential. Its love in un ungrasping mode.

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  1. flindo61 says:

    we get sick in our normal bodies,well we also get spiritually sick,and what is the state of it.

  2. mckenziecalhoun says:

    1) Knowing oneself
    2) Knowing one’s relationship to reality
    3) Knowing one’s relationship to God
    4) Being content
    5) Being happy
    6) Being able to question all of the above without indecision or hesitation

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